Aggerbaek Quintet press release in English

Jazz Special - #112 (Dec. 09)
Henrik Wolsgaard-Iversen:

“The concept spans many angles and colors, from the simple folk/blues to the more voluptuous orchestrations with a full horn section and extra strings. But it is the singer and his songs - it's Aggerbaek all along - that fascinates so deeply... fine sounds from [Alexander] Kraglund and Kasper Bai [on guitar], who also arranged the album so beautifully... ”

Nation-wide Danish newspaper Information - 22-12-09
Peter H. Larsen:

"One cannot listen to “My Oh My” without having fun...[Aggerbaek] is a huge vocal talent. "

Nation-wide Danish newspaper Politiken - 03-12-09
Henrik Palle:

“[Aggerbaek] plays his own songs, which he performs with great feeling, aided by varied and beautiful graces from Kasper Bai, who plays guitar in Aggerbaek's ensemble... Aggerbaek's vocals possess a great fervor and stands up to the very imaginitive musical background that gives the songs such a large and full expression...Charming and absolutely endearing .”

Regional newspaper Aarhus Stifttidende 10-11-09
Thomas Bjørnsteen:

“Absolutely crucial is Aggerbaek's charming voice that both nestles in softly and vibrates intensely ... you believe in the little stories about love, oblivion and darkness. Elegant and persuasive. ”

JazzNyt by Niels Overgård - 28-12-2009

“It is all too rare that Danish singers make original and new jazz music, but it is not only because Aggerbaek is one such rare fish that he has made one of the year's best records...the ease of the music, along with the delicate originality and good voice should be enough to give Benjamin Aggerbaek a breakthrough.”